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Property Phogtograph We have been managing residential and commercial properties since 1825 and currently administer a large portfolio of modern developments, together with a considerable number of traditional tenement properties.

We look after the maintenance and repair of communal property on behalf of owners, landlords and tenants and apportion accounts from Contractors instructed on behalf of owners.

Property Inspection
We have our own experienced Property Inspectors engaged specifically to undertake regular formal Property Reports and to respond, where appropriate, with visits to properties to discuss particular problems with owners, as communication is a very important part of maintaining communal property.

Owners Responsibility
Satisfactory property management requires co-operation from all owners to ensure essential maintenance and repairs are undertaken. There are legal obligations in co-ownership of property and it is most essential all owners familiarise themselves with their responsibilities. Actions, or inactions, of owners, have an effect on others (e.g. if owners do not fund their share of common repairs, then this will prevent works proceeding). All owners have a responsibility, stated in their Title Deeds, to maintain common property in a good state of repair and to contribute their proportion of any common maintenance and management costs.

Title Deeds
When you purchased your property, you obtained Title Deeds, which set out the conditions of ownership. The Deeds can sometimes seem quite complex but are necessary to preserve the common property, outline how the common property should be run and generally cover all aspects of living in a multi-owned property. The Deed of Conditions is a most important document and you should obtain a copy from your Solicitor for your own information.

Property Phogtograph Insurance
The Deeds normally require that a common building owners liability insurance is required, which is the only way of ensuring all aspects of multi-owned property are adequately insured. A common building insurance policy covers the main fabric of the building, together with any internal fixtures and fittings. A property owner's liability insurance provides cover for owners against a third party making a claim against them for damage or injury sustained from, or working at, their property.

Debt Recovery
Failure to pay common charges has a serious affect on the maintenance of common property. Understandably, Contractors are unwilling to accept instructions when they cannot be assured of payment. Fortunately, most owners understand the need to pay accounts promptly, but if payment of an account is not received within 28 days, we have a strict policy for dealing with unpaid accounts, which is beneficial to all owners. We raise Small Claims actions and attend in Court against the de-faulting owner on behalf of the willing majority of owners and thereby save considerable time and expense of engaging the services of Solicitors and Debt Recovery Agencies.

Owners Meetings
We are happy to meet owners either at their property in the evening, or within our offices during office hours, by prior arrangement, to discuss mutually agreeable terms of appointment. Contact us to arrange an appointment.
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